A review of our last wedding season 2023

We were blessed with wonderful weather for most of this last season and we had such lovely couples who each brought their own individual stamp to Combe Manor Barns. The barn venue was decorated in a variety of styles, with a really creative flair, from hanging birdcages with colourful trailing floristry, balloon installations, indoor trees, white carpets, blue carpets, a huge paper mâché elephant and a wild meadow of flowers around the stage and base of the top table. We had our first outdoor ceremony on the lawn outside Combe Manor and we had a visit by alpacas, magicians, Indian drummers, and indeed musicians of every type and genre…. all of them raved about Combe Manor Barns and how much they enjoyed performing here! It really is an exceptional space for events of every kind, with great acoustics and a positive, relaxed vibe that infuses the wedding party and guests with happiness. We love hosting weddings and sharing our home and we were thrilled with one (very experienced and well-travelled) photographer who commented on the day, “You’ve created the perfect venue without trying too hard”! Spot on.

Do check out the instagram page @combemanorbarns for all the up to date pictures of the last season and more inspiration!