DIY Wedding Décor Ideas for your Berkshire Wedding

Weddings can be expensive, so when there’s a way to cut down cost and keep in budget, every couple should consider it, right?  

One sure fire way to keep in that budget and costs to a minimum is by doing as much as you can, yourself. And whilst you might not be able to make your Wedding Dress or DJ your own wedding, you can certainly decorate your venue. With a little bit of patience, some Youtube videos and some creativity, you could save hundreds of pounds and have a venue decorated to just how you want it.  

So, if you have what it takes and a venue that you can access and decorate yourself before the big day, stick around, we have some stunning DIY Wedding Décor Ideas you want to consider.  

A creative way to show your guests to their table and easy to re-create. Display in a crate and arrange artificial flowers to save time and money.  This is a great DIY to prep before the wedding, displaying tables on cards attached to wooden stakes.  

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and this can certainly be said for this DIY. We are all about recycling at Combe Manor, so upcycling and using bottles for centrepiece elements this one is not only economical but easy too! Pick some spray paint, and a bottle of glitter and you have cheap and easy centrepieces for your wedding. What colour will you pick? 

If the spray-painted bottles aren’t to your theme, consider upcycling your bottles and jars using jute string and hessian / lace ribbons. Easy to come by, and cheap to purchase in bulk, wash and decorate bottles and jars on the lead up to the wedding for easy DIY flower centrepiece holders.  

You’ll see a lot of upcycling here and since giving your guests an idea of what to expect and when is growing popular, why not display it on a palette? Easy to get a hold of, and paint, decorate and display, this is a must for any couple looking to embrace this trend for themselves.  


It’s bang on trend to bring the outdoors into your wedding, so this DIY embraces just that. And whilst they look beautiful, they’re not that hard to create, nor expensive. Grab some hoops, artificial foliage, garlands and some flowers ( if you want ) and spend some time weaving and building the hoop up with greenery. Hang vertically, or horizontally for instant uplift, and outdoor feels, in our barns.  

Very similar to the hanging hoops and once again easy to re-create, floating photo frames are a great décor piece and can double up as a photo opportunity. Shop your frames from Ikea and pop out the back and front, and you have an easy to hang frame, that needs no more than a little foliage or flowers to add the final pizazz. Don’t be afraid to use this and the foliage hoop idea if you can’t settle on one!  

Super simple, and inexpensive, dancing ribbon is perfect for a general outdoor decoration. Purchase various different types and colours of ribbon and secure to wooden stakes for an easy to install wedding decoration that will add some interest to the lawned courtyard. 

This looks super cute for the walkway up to your reception venue like a barn or marquee!  

It’s a wedding décor piece that will never go out of fashion, and apt for any venue, any theme. Easy to create, couples can get creative on what material they use for their own bunting. Re-use old fabrics, cast offs or even paper doilies to shoehorn bunting to work with your current décor pieces and colour palette.  

We know many décor companies charge the earth for these on trend lanterns, but there’s nothing stopping you re-creating the look and installing yourself, for a fraction of the cost. With our favourite Highstreet stores like Ikea and Wilko offering the same shades from as little as £1.75, it’s never been more appropriate to DIY. Just be wary of where you want them installed and the safety behind high to reach areas.  

Don’t be scared to get your hands dirty when it comes to creating your own wedding décor. Hopefully these DIY ideas have spurred you on to save some money and embrace the wedding planning stages for the fun and enjoyment it can be.  

Combe Manor offers couples the opportunity to dress and decorate the venue up to 3 days before the wedding and 2 days following the event, with complete access granted for 5 days. Get in contact today to discuss availability. Email us on : [email protected]