How about a Roaming Band?

Hire Wedding Musicians for your Wedding at Combe Manor Barns

Combe Manor Barns is an idyllic wedding venue located in Berkshire. Licenced for civil ceremonies, and with a church just a few yards away, what could be a better place to hold your wedding day. Now you have found your perfect venue, all you need is to hire some wedding musicians to add the wow factor to your special occasion. 

Combe Manor Barns has enough space to hire a band and plenty of room for everyone to dance the night away.

With so many wedding musicians and live bands to choose from, we thought we would put together a shortlist of options that are different from your standard wedding function band. Hopefully, you will find it helpful in your search for your ideal wedding band.

Hire a Vintage Band

A vintage band can add a touch of glamour, energy, and class to your wedding day. A vintage band can call on swing, bebop, rock n’ roll, big band, and jive to get everyone on the dance floor.

Vintage bands cover music from the roaring 1920s or rock n roll of the 1960s, or even the glam rock of the ‘70s.

A vintage band also can take on the form of a post-modern band. This is when a band will take a pop or rock classic for example, and sing it in a 1920’s style, adding a completely new twist to the song. Not only do they sound great, but will also be dressed in the style of the specific era.

In short, a vintage band will walk, talk, look and sound just like the real thing. You will be hiring a full-on performance piece.

Acoustic Roaming Bands

The beautiful courtyard and gardens are a place for family and friends to gather for drinks, and what could be better than listening to some great music performed by an acoustic roaming band.

Playing their acoustic instruments unamplified allows the musicians the freedom to mix and encourage family and friends to join in the fun. Performing in the courtyard or wandering around the beautiful gardens roaming bands can perform many different genres like rock, pop, folk, and many many more. 

A typical roaming band could consist of a vocalist, an acoustic guitarist, a double bassist, a snare drum, and possibly a saxophonist.

These wandering musicians will bring a whole new dimension to your wedding occasion and could be as small as a trio up to a 5-piece band.

Mumford Folk Wedding Band

With the success of Mumford and Sons, this style of folk wedding bands has become very popular and would certainly not look out of place at Combe Manor Barns.

Performing great songs and adding a folk twist to some indie classics, you and your guests will be wowed, by one of these bands.  With instruments including acoustic guitars, double bass and drums, they not only sound great, but they also look amazing on stage.

When you book a band at the barns, you will find a back entrance to the barn so the guests won’t be disturbed while they set everything up for their performance.

These are just a few options you may not think of when hiring a band for a wedding, we hope you like them, and maybe one would be suitable for your wedding day at Combe Manor.