Weddings In Berkshire: Flowers, Photography and Music


As with caterers, you may choose your own floral designers and photographers. Otherwise we can supply you with suggestions for florists who have done effective arrangements in the barns and show you photographs of their work.

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Photography may take place in the gardens around the Manor, and the formal Drawing Room in the Manor house may also be used for small groups if the weather or time of year makes this an easier option.


DSCF0530Many weddings include music and dancing. All this can be accommodated, and there is a separate entrance at the back of the barn to allow bands or discos access to the stage without disturbing the guests. The painted floor in the reception barn makes an excellent surface for dancing, and this barn makes a charming setting for this part of the evening.

We do, however, have to concern ourselves about the noise levels and for this reason , we have to ask that amplified music finishes by about 11 pm. This has not presented problems at past weddings and we only make this stipulation because the Council has advised us to do so in our neighbours’ interests.